Wolfgang Mozart – A Brief Biography

Name: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Date of Birth: January 27, 1756

Date of Baptism: January 28, 1756

Date of Death: December 5, 1791

Place of Birth: Salzburg

Father: Leopold Mozart

Mother: Anna Maria

Wife: Constanze

Early Music Involvements

Wolfgang is also among the group of great musicians and composers of the 18th century. He grew up in a family of musicians. He started to compose music from as early as five years old. He was competent on the violin and keyboard and started to perform during his youth. By age 17 he was engaged as a court musician. His father was very impressed with his musical skills so he uses the opportunity to show off Wolfgang’s talent.

Wolfgang started to tour different countries between ages six and fifteen. Some of his greatest moments were when he played for Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna, Louis XV at Versailles and George III in London.

Many persons though that Wolfgang’s musical ability would mature immensely by age 18 but this was not so. By age fifteen his musical career took a down fall when he went to live with the prince-archbishop. This archbishop did not appreciate Wolfgang’s music and refused to grant him a worthy seat in the court orchestra.

His Later Years

By age twenty five Wolfgang leave the provincial Salzburg and choose to become a freelance musician. During this time he was able to work towards getting public fame again.

Wolfgang was more successful as a musician during his later years and composed several pieces. One of his major pieces during his later years was a comic opera called “The Magic Flute”.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died at age thirty five.

Even though Wolfgang died at a young age, he was able to leave behind a number of compositions that are played by musicians and orchestras across the world today. He composed several symphonies, concertos (for piano, violin, horn, and woodwind), piano music, chamber music, serenades, divertimenti, marches, dances and masses. His compositions are classed among the best and they are still having an impact on the lives of many musicians.

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