Musical Notes Used in Music

Musical notes are graphic symbols that are used to represent the sounds we hear in music. When we listen to music, we are able to hear the different sounds created by several musical instruments. All the sounds heard are presented as notes in music.

Musical notations can be presented in two ways. Notes can be written representing melodies and harmonies.

Below are five different notes that are used frequently in music.

1) The Semibreve or Whole Note

The semibreve or whole note has the longest length in sound among the list of notes presented. When a semibreve is played it last as long as 4 beats or 4 counts.

2) The Minim or Half Note

A minim is half the length in sound of the semibreve or whole note. This is why it is also called a half note. A minim last as long as 2 beats or 2 counts.

3) The Crotchet or Quarter Note

The crotchet shapes like a minim. However the head the crotchet is shaded while the minim is not. When a crotchet is played it last as long as 1 beat or 1 count. It takes four crotchets to make a semibreve.

4) The Quaver or Eight Note

This picture shows us what a quaver looks like. A quaver has an extra stem. When a quaver is been played, it last as long as half of a beat. It takes two quavers to make a crotchet.

5) The Semiquaver or Sixteenth Note

A semiquaver has two extra stems. It is called a semiquaver because its value in beat is half of a quaver. A semiquaver when played in music last as long as quarter of a beat.

Musical notes are very important in music. They are used to demonstrate the length of sounds we hear and also the rhythmic patterns that are used throughout the music.

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