The Electronic Keyboard - A Great
Instrument to Own

An electronic keyboard is a musical instrument that makes sound when it is powered with electricity. This type of keyboard instrument models the whole technology of the piano with white keys as its natural and black keys as its sharp or flat. It is also has a great dynamic feature like that of the piano.

This mean that the keys are able to play at different volume (soft or loud) according to the force applied. These instruments however, may vary in sizes and physical structure when compared to the piano or organ.

Most electric keyboards are portable and so they are easy to carry from one location to another. This is one reason why musicians love to use them. Electronic keyboards are sometime referred to as digital keyboards because of the technology used to make it functional.

Since these instruments are not acoustic the sounds are amplified through a set of build on speakers or with the aid of an external amplifier.

As said earlier, these keyboard instruments are built in different sizes and shape and so, the number of keys may vary. Some electric keyboards have 61 keys while some have 77 keys. Some electronic keyboards even have 88 keys like the piano.

Electric keyboards are used mostly by modern or contemporary musicians. These instruments are often used in popular music such as jazz, souls ballad, reggae, R and B, hip hop, gospel and so on. The main advantage of an electric keyboard is that it has many sounds to choose from. For this reason a number of music producers prefer to use them in their music studio.

Some Manufacturers of Electronic Keyboards

There are several companies that make high quality keyboards. Some of these popular companies are Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Casio, Kurzweil and Alesis. There are other manufacturers and you can always do a research on the internet in your spare time. However, the manufacturers mentioned above makes high quality instruments and these instruments are categorized from semi-professional to professional.

The Yamaha Motif series and the Yamaha S series are great keyboards, likewise the Roland Fantom and the Korg Triton. However, these instruments are expensive and may cost between $1500(USD) and $3500 (USD). However, if you need good quality then you have to prepare to spend some money. By the way, having a great instrument is a good investment as a musician. But you can also try the Yamaha PSR series keyboard; they are more affordable with great sounds.

Want to know more about Yamaha Digital Piano? Click here.

Kurzweil electric keyboards or synthesizers are also great choices and most if not all are full length and has weighted keys like the piano. These keyboards are ideal for piano students who cannot afford to buy an acoustic piano.

Many keyboard players especially piano players are not too enthused about owning an electronic or digital keyboard. But it is always good to have other sounds to play around with and explore during your practice sessions. The choice is up to you as it relates to the brand. It is always a good decision to explore each instrument for yourself and then make your decision.

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