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Hi! You have been taken here because you are searching for free piano lessons online. But, do you think that an individual can become a great piano player from the number of free lessons that exist on the internet? Well, I believe he or she can. A number of persons have tried and have gained success.

At you will be given a lot of information and have access to a number of resources that can take from a beginner piano player to a professional.

I am sure that you could have gone to another website that teaches piano lessons, but I am confident that you will enjoy the methods of teaching that exist here and find each lesson to be very interesting.

Please explore all the articles and tutorials now available here while we try to develop this website into an online piano resource centre for beginners and professionals. Here are some of the free piano lessons that are now available on this website. These lessons are put together especially for beginners and individuals who would like to learn to play the piano.

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Basic Music Theory for Piano Players – Read this great article about the importance of music theory and why all piano players should learn theory.

Musical Notation – Learn about musical notation, how they are used and what they look like on sheet music.

Musical Rest – Learn why musical rest are just as important as musical notes. Learn how they are used and compare them with the musical notes that exist.

The Piano Keyboard – Get a clear understanding of what the keyboard is. Learn about the layout of the keyboard and how you can use the layout design to help you learn to play the piano faster than you’ve imagine.

The letters of the Piano Keys – In this lesson you will use some basic steps that are designed to help you find the letters of the keys on the keyboard in minutes.

The lessons above are just a few of the many tutorials that are available for free on this site. As you explore you will find more free piano lessons created just for you online. And remember! Practice Becomes Perfect!

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